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Mason Jar Hydroponics makes it possible to use 2 inch net cups in wide-mouth mason jars to grow a gorgeous garden indoors.

Mason Jar Net Cup Support

These Net Cup Supports securely hold any standard 2" net cup in a wide-mouth mason jar. They provide a stable base for even your largest hydroponic plants.

The diameter of the inside hole is 52.5mm wide (just over 2") and the outside of the ring is 83mm wide, providing just enough wiggle room to fit any 2 inch net cup. We guarantee your 2" net cup will fit in the hole — see  Our Fit Guarantee.

The net cup supports are made from glossy black opaque food-safe acrylic.

Why use a 2" Net Cup?

Without our Net Cup Support, you'd have to use a 3" net cup. That requires more coir or other growing medium and takes up more space inside the jar. Airflow around your net cup is of critical importance to successful root growth and plant health. A smaller net cup is the solution because bigger isn't always better!

Once roots have extended below the net cup, water/nutrient solution should always remain below the net cup; the coir, rockwool, or other growing medium must remain dry. Because 2-inch net cups are typically a 1/2 inch shorter than their 3-inch counterparts, you'll gain an extra half-inch of space for liquid. 

Fits Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Net Cup Supports fit all wide mouth mason jars, regardless of their capacity. Pick the size of wide mouth mason jar that's right for your plants: 16oz, 32oz, or 64oz. Our Net Cup Supports fit them all!

Simply place the support between the band and the jar, then drop your 2 inch net cup in the hole.

Try Our Fit Test

Want to make sure your net cup fits before you buy? Download and Print our Fit Test PDF and then cut out the circle to test your net cup. If your net cup fits in the hole, it will fit in our Net Cup Support. You can even set the paper template in your wide mouth mason jar band to test the fit.

Tip: Turn your net cup upside down on a flat surface, then slip the paper template over the base of the net cup. It's a whole lot easier than trying to hold the paper!

Download the PDF

Our Fit Guarantee

We've got wiggle room! Our net cup supports are designed to fit inside the mason jar band with room to spare, making it easy to install and remove. The hole that supports the net cup also has wiggle room in order to be able to fit various 2 inch net cups. 

We've tried multiple brands of 2" net cups and we are confident that the hole will both hold and support any 2 inch net cup. However, if you find that your 2 inch net cup doesn't fit,  just send your order back along with one of your net cups — we'll pay for shipping! We'll replace your order with new supports that fit your net cup.